About the system

Hvad er NemTakeAway?

NemTakeAway is a user-friendly online ordering- and delivery system, developed specifically for take-away locations. The system has everything you need to run your business. Our most important feature? You pay 0% commission.

The system automatically adapts the guest’s current device, whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. NemTakeAway can be styled in a design that suits your business.

Image and text can be uploaded for each individual product.

In NemTakeAway, you can choose between a kitchen screen or a printer for handling incoming orders. You can define the time for order printing yourself in the setup.

NemTakeAway is your serious business partner for the future.

How does it work?

In the video, we have illustrated how the ordering process works – and how easy it is for you to receive orders online with our system.

NemTakeAway POS Tablet

With NemTakeAway POS tablet all incoming orders are procesed – regardless if they were created online or manually.

The POS tablet version of NemTakeAway has been optimized for use on tablets such as iPad etc.

Tablet solution can be a great solution for takeaway restaurants with a smaller number of orders or where space is limited. If you want to use a tablet with a receipt printer, you need either a Windows tablet with USB-plug or a network printer.

Facebook integration

If you don’t have a website, you can add a button on your Facebook page. This button takes the customer directly to the ordering page.