Display screens

NemTakeAway Display screens

In NemTakeAway, it is possible to use three different display screens in your business. The screens will help your employees in the kitchen get an overview of the orders and allow your customers to follow their order status. You can also use display screens to show your menu or advertise a special offer.



Product screen

The product screen is used to show pictures of the food. For example, it can be used to tempt the customers with delicious menus and offers.

The display screens can switch between multiple views, so you can easily have a screen that switches between multiple products or offers. You can also connect multiple screens to show different products.

Order status screen

With the order status screen, you give your customers the opportunity to follow their order and to see their order status.

The screen updates automatically when you change the status of the order in the system – when the order comes in, its status will be pending, when you send it to be prepared in the kitchen, its status will be ongoing, and when you mark it as delivered, the guest will see that it is ready to be picked up.

The display uses clear colors so that the customer can quickly see how far along their order is.


Kitchen screen

With the kitchen screen, the kitchen staff can quickly get an overview of which orders they need to take care of and when they need to be ready. With colors, you get a quick overview of which type of dish you need to prepare. A countdown is shown at the top of every order to show how long you have until the customer picks up the food. In this way, you can quickly know what has to be prepared and when it has to be finished.