Demo examples

Welcome to our demo page.

Here we have created some examples of different cases and how a restaurant can be set up with the many possibilities and customization options available in NemTakeaway.

NemTakeaway can be customized in many ways. Colors, fonts, etc., can be changed on the order page itself so it suits your restaurant.

In addition to this, you can also choose to get your own website with us. If you have your own domain, we can use that, but otherwise, you will get an address in this format: “www.dinrestaurant.nemtakeaway.dk”

Featurewise, there are also many customization options in NemTakeaway. You can make selection and deselection of ingredients available or create advanced menus where you can add choices toyour existing products, or you can create what we call a “Product builder”. Here you can easily offer, for example, , different potatoes and dressings for a burger, build a pizza based on your own imagination with a predefined number of ingredients, or create the option to choose the bread of a sandwich. The possibilities are almost endless.

Of course, you can also choose whether you want to offer delivery or pickups, or whether you want to accept cash, online payment, or both. Remember that you always have your own payment method, so the money goes directly into your account without you having to pay any % to us.

Demo case 1: Pizzeria

Pizza Plaza is a traditional pizzeria. For each pizza, you can deselect ingredients, and you can add extra ingredients.

There is also some burger menus where you can choose whether you want fries or not.

The restaurant offers delivery in some parts of Aarhus and each postal code has different prices and minimum order amounts.

Colors and images are customized, so it fits the restaurant’s printed menu card. As the restaurant did not have its own website already, they use NemTakeaway Web, which includes a link to the order system and a short presentation of the restaurant, its opening hours, address, as well as links to its social media pages. If you want to offer booking of tables in the restaurant through the BookEtBord system, you can also choose to make this available.

Demo case 2: Cafe/sandwich bar

Here is an ordinary café that offers sandwiches with different types of bread, a burger, ability to choose the ingredients, to choose how the steak should be fried, and to add extra filling.

Colors and images are customized to match the café’s own website, which was already up and running. The system will be integrated with an “Order now” button, for example, in the menu or as shown below.

Demo case 3: Sushi

This restaurant offers traditional sushi and some hot, Asian dishes. They also offer menus that you can build yourself based on defined criteria.

The restaurant has images of most of its products, so you can see what you are buying.

The design is based on the restaurant’s own website, where the bright colors and a special font are an important part of the restaurant’s identity and expression.

In the restaurant itself, they also offer self-service at the table. This means that they have printed a sign with a QR code, which is scanned, and then the customer can place all the orders without having to use a physical menu card or wait for a waiter. . You can see what it looks like on the button below.