Here’s the solution to how to get all the money into your own pocket right away.

It is a great and unnecessary expense for restaurants with takeaway food to utilize the expensive online takeaway portals. It often takes up to several months before the earned money is released to the owner.

When the customers need to find a specific restaurant, they will google it. If the restaurant is a member of an online takeaway portal, their website will be shown as the first result. The customer clicks on the external company’s website to order the food from you, and it costs you dearly!

It is more profitable to terminate the agreement and only have your own website with your own payment solution and become completely independent. If you have your own website, the traffic will be automatically directed to it, and you save a lot of money by getting the customer to order directly from your own website.

Wouldn’t it feel good to get all your hard-earned money directly into your own pocket without having to pay a commission fee to an external company? And at the same time not having to wait for your money to be released?

Now you are probably thinking: ”Who is going to deliver the food after I have terminated the agreement with the online takeaway portal?” ?” You can either do it yourself via the delivery module or use DeliverIT, an external food delivery company that does not charge a commission fee but will deliver for you at a reasonable price.

NemTakeAway is an online takeaway system without commissions and other hidden fees. NemTakeAway’s delivery module integrates with the external food delivery company, DeliverIT, who will then deliver the food to the customer. This gives you an independent takeaway solution.

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Read more about how JAGGER Copenhagen has started using their own bicycle couriers for deliveries: https://nemtakeaway.no/jagger-copenhagens-historie-og-hvordan-de-bruger-nemtakeaways-system/