It is a big problem
HORESTA points out the problem, and we have experienced it up close for a number of years. Delivery is a business area that many restaurateurs find difficult, and that is why they will often pay for deliveries through external partners. Unfortunately, we have seen countless examples of small restaurants that have spent over 100,000 DKK annually to delivery portals. Of course, the portals will assert that they provide new customers for the restaurant.
But the truth is that many of these delivery orders come from the restaurant’s own customers. They would also have ordered the food directly from the restaurants if delivery was an option.

A better future
Our hope for the industry is that more restaurants will calculate how much the delivery portals “take” from the restaurant’s revenue. Typically, 20-30% of the order value is taken per delivery which is A LOT of money over time.
You can easily invest money into your own delivery setup and make sure ALL the money ends up in your own pocket.

Own delivery
At NemTakeAway, over the past few months, we have worked intensively with restaurants and takeaway eateries who want to deliver using their own couriers and drivers.
You can, for example, do it like JAGGER FAST FOOD, and get a system that can handle your own deliveries. JAGGER has their own bicycle couriers, so the food is ALWAYS warm and fresh when it arrives. They have received a lot of praise from their customers as their bicycle couriers feel responsible for the food when they deliver it to the customer. This has proven to be a really good business strategy….

Look forward to our next blog post, where we will take a closer look at JAGGER´s success and how to get started delivering